About the project

After a frustrating attempt to play a DnD campaign without expensive visual resources, Doodles and Dragons was born of markers and scrap boards. Check out the original token set here! With Doodles and Dragons token sets, tabletop veterans and new players alike can play without the prep! 

Doodles and Dragons' mission is to provide cohesive, high-quality, budget-friendly tokens for tabletop role-playing games. 

Doodles and Dragons token sets are:

  • ~$0.35 per token (1/10th of the cost of average mini-figurines!)

  • Fully compatible with TTRPG maps and mini-figurines!

  • Professionally illustrated with unique hand-drawn artwork on every token!

  • Professionally printed and die-cut on durable 1.5mm heavy-duty chipboard!

  • Available as physical products or PDF versions for the DIYer! 

If you have suggestions or requests for future tokens, send a message! Stay in the loop by signing up for the mailing list.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here!


Populate your world!

Always planning your Tabletop RPG battles around which mini-figurines you own, finally finished painting, or can carry with you? Tired of never having the right ones, or enough? Or, is your party of droopy-sworded adventurers clashing with wave of old coins and legos?

Each Doodles and Dragons token is printed with a unique full-color image to be used however your Game-Master sees fit. With no indication of friend or foe, magical or mundane, it is entirely up to your party how to interact. 

Download the free sample set to try them out for yourself!


Heck of a deal

Doodles and Dragons tokens come out to about $0.35 each, making them less than 1/10 of the cost of traditional mini-figurines*. Forget the sloppy paint-jobs, cumbersome storage boxes, and droopy swords.

Even more surprising, these high-quality, professionally printed tokens are nearly 1/2 the cost of DIY tokens**!! No time spent, expensive printer ink, paper cuts, cutting papers, or resizing stolen images from Google, Doodles and Dragons tokens are the simple way to always have the right trick up your Game-Master sleeve.

* source ** source


Fits right in

Sizes are based on a 1" = 5' scale found in most tabletop role-playing games. Each token is professionally printed on durable 1.5mm thick heavy-duty chipboard and fully compatible with maps and mini-figurines. 

  • .65" (Tiny, Small)

  • 1" (Medium)

  • 2" (Large)

  • 3" (Huge)

  • 4" (Gargantuan)

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