About the project

While designing a DnD campaign over the summer of 2017, Seattle-based artist and Dungeon-Master, Jonathan Happ needed visuals to keep track of events. After visiting the local game-store to pick up a few mini-figurines, he was quickly discouraged at the cost. Soon after, a few mat-board scraps and drawing supplies became an extensive and unique collection of full-color illustrated tokens; Doodles and Dragons was born! Check out the original token set here

Doodles and Dragons' mission is provide a cohesive, high-quality, and budget-friendly alternative or supplement to mini-figurines for tabletop role-playing games.

Doodles and Dragons is still in the research and development phase, so please excuse any errors or missing pieces. All the bugs will be worked out soon!

If you have suggestions or requests for future tokens, send a message! Stay in the loop by signing up for the mailing list! 


Populate your world!

Tired of not having the right mini-figurines, or enough? Always planning your battles around which ones you have, finally finished painting, or can carry with you? 

Each Doodles and Dragons token is printed with a unique full-color image to be used however your Game-Master sees fit. With no indication of friend or foe, magical or mundane, it is entirely up to your party how to interact. 

Download the free sample set to try them out for yourself!


Fits right in

Sizes are based on a 1" = 5' scale found in most tabletop role-playing games. Each token is professionally printed on durable 1.5mm thick heavy-duty chipboard and fully compatible with maps and mini-figurines. 

  • .65" (Tiny, Small)

  • 1" (Medium)

  • 2" (Large)

  • 3" (Huge)

  • 4" (Gargantuan)

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Drawn to size

Each token is designed, drawn, and colored by hand at the size they will be printed. This guarantees a clear, bright, easy-to-read image freed from unnecessary visual clutter. Afterwords, they are scanned, cleaned up in photoshop, and sent off to the printers. Doodles and Dragons is professionally printed and assembled in Washington state, proudly supporting small American business.

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