Missing Mine Starter Set

The Doodles and Dragons Missing Mine Starter Set contains 142 uniquely hand-illustrated, durable TTRPG tokens. The Missing Mine Starter Set correlates with the official 5th Edition D&D Starter Set campaign “The Lost Mine of Phandelver;” containing all of the tokens required to play through the entire campaign, including all monsters, NPCs, and every token needed to roll on the random encounter tables!


  • All monster and NPC tokens; 12 Large, 90 Medium, 40 Small/Tiny

  • Ten PC tokens; male and female option for each of the set’s pregenerated characters.

A who’s who guide to the Missing Mine Starter Set can be found here! Link to the Kickstarter campaign here! Click the Amazon or Etsy link below to be taken to the official product page or find a local game-store near you!

If you prefer the DIY approach, click HERE for more details on specially formatted printable PDFs