Missing Mine Starter Set

The Doodles and Dragons Missing Mine Starter Set contains 142 uniquely hand-illustrated, durable RPG tokens. The Missing Mine Starter Set correlates with the official 5th Edition D&D Starter Set campaign “The Lost Mine of Phandelver;” containing all of the tokens required to play through the entire campaign, including all monsters, NPCs, and every token needed to roll on the random encounter tables!


  • All monster and NPC tokens; 12 Large, 90 Medium, 40 Small/Tiny

  • Ten PC tokens; male and female option for each of the set’s pregenerated characters.

A who’s who guide to the Missing Mine Starter Set can be found here! Link to the Kickstarter campaign here!

*** If you missed the Kickstarter, The Missing Mine Starter Set will be available for purchase here and on Amazon online marketplaces very soon. Thank you for your patience! ***